About Pramanya

“We go beyond obvious class and caste based demographic targeting to create competitive advantage for campaigns by being different through performing distinct activities different than opponents. Our segmentation is based on voter psychological schema mappings. We evaluate the psychological under pinning behind political attitudes and perceptions. We model and predict voter Judgments and actions based on voter social schema. Our campaign activities target the behavioural change in political generations”.

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Deciphering New Age Voter

  • - Comprehending micro-level needs and demands.
  • - Assessing macro-level policy preferences.
  • - Gauging political leadership affinities.

Contextualizing Advanced Electioneering

- Bringing qualified expertise loaded with advanced electioneering techniques.


Proven Ground Game

- Raising the probability of winning by incorporating data driven strategies and process oriented campaign management


our Expertise

Themes & Targeted Campaign Messaging

A message that connects with voter, evokes strong emotions, gets them to like, makes allies using touchy Psychological Traits, and closes with an action statement

Agenda Setting & Vision Document

Integrated platform with crowd sourcing to assess how parties are perceived on different facets of psychological needs to devise policy positions that aligns with key voter segments and derive Micro Agenda Setting at local level

Combating Anti-Incumbency

Proactive governance Targeting public Psychological Pressure Points and Triggering individual Values using favorable Moral Vocab using a responsive technology platform for Grievance Redressal that Integrates Public, Public Servants and Elected Representatives

Perception Management

Values Based Real-time Messaging backed by Instant Research, Social Listening, Relevant, Informative and Memorable Messaging For Media Debates, News Articles, Social Media, WhatsApp Scripts

Grassroots Organizing

Empowers the grassroots cadre with Canvass App for Door-to-Door Canvassing that Micro-Targets the voter at Individual Level with Dynamic Message based on Psychographic Analysis while Tracking Changing Dynamics

The Usuals

Historical Data Analysis, Voter Profiling, Data modelling, Predictive Analytics, Surveys, Focus Groups, Message Testing, Opposition Research, Segmentation, Voter Yield, Candidate Evaluation, Image Management, Perception Management, Digital Media, online and offline communication.

Our works

Our Team

Hari Kasula

Chief Strategist.

Hari holds a masters degree in Applied Politics fromThe Bliss Institute of Applied Politics, at The University of Akron – OH, USA -one of the top four institutions for Political Management and Campaign Management in the United States. He has the experience of working in two US Presidential Elections and Several Assembly and Parliamentary Elections in India. He is specialized in Political Research, Political Psychology, Political Insights, Electoral Analytics Political Communication, Message Building, Agenda Setting, Data-driven Strategies, Micro-Targeting, Opinion Polls, and Get Out the Vote Planning. His work includes working in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi and in the US.

Jerry Austin

Jerry is one of America’s most experienced and most successful strategists and advisors, ran marketing and political campaigns for more than 35 years which. His expertise in traditional media advertising, polling and shrewd campaign management has eared him phenomenal victories for his long list of election candidates in the local, sate and Presidential races in the USA and World Over including Government, Corporate, Special Interest Groups and Issue Campaigns. Mr. Austin is an Adjunct Professor at The University of Akron Bliss Institute of Applied Politics, and has been a Fellow at The University of Kansas Dole Institute of Politics, a guest lecturer at the Zagreb Economics University in Zagreb, Croatia and the University of Iceland. Mr. Austin is the author of “Incredible Tales from The Campaign Trail” as well as “Running with The Reverend” (M Magazine) and several Op Ed pieces. He has appeared on This Week with David Brinkley, The CBS Evening News With Dan Rather, the CBC Morning News, the McNeil/Lehrer News Hour, CNN

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